Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Ways to Welcome Spring

The sun is shining. The wildflowers are blooming. It’s Spring and this is how I like to celebrate:

1. Open the curtains and blinds
Let the sun shine in! The cold dreary days are hopefully behind us, so let’s enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot.

2. Open some windows
I love when it finally gets warm enough to open windows and let the fresh air in. It’s time to let those fresh breezes blow through the house and freshen it.

3. Arrange some very short-stemmed flowers
I know the wildflowers are in bloom when I start receiving short-stemmed bouquets from my children. Forget vases. Bring on the juice glasses and baby food jars.

4. Blow on some dandelion fluff

Yeah, I know that it spreads the seeds, but there’s no simpler way to recapture the simple joys of childhood, if only for a moment.

5. Plant some tomatoes
In order to enjoy the sheer perfection of perfectly ripened tomatoes straight from the garden all summer, the tomatoes must be planted now.

6. Plant some herbs
I will definitely want some basil and some dill for summer cooking. And some cilantro for salsa. And some mint for tea.

7. Plant some flowers
Some pots of brightly colored blooms are definitely needed to brighten up my porch.

8. Clean something
While I won’t be doing an attic to foundation marathon cleaning, there will be some cleaning and scrubbing and knocking down of cobwebs.

9. Lighten my load
Just as I will be cleaning the refuse and unwanted things out of the flower beds, I plan to do the same inside the house. It’s time to get rid of clothes that don’t fit my body and possessions that don’t fit my life.

10. Go play in the sunshine
There is work to be done, but I will be carving out some time to play outside with the kids. Bocce, anyone? I have to warn you, we play by house rules!

What are you doing to celebrate the changing of the season where you are?

5 comments on “Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Ways to Welcome Spring

  1. I love it!! I just planted some cilantro. YUM.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Top Ten {Tuesday}!

  2. Great ways to greet the new season! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Ah, I’ve been wanting to plant some herbs too! I have a basil plant inside but I really want some parsley and cilantro too! I’m so scared of plants though!

  4. Hello – I linked here via OhAmanda. Great list!! I absolutely love Spring!! I agree with everything on your list, but I especially love ‘open the curtains and blinds’ – ah, yes!! Bring on abundant natural light!! :)TFS!!

  5. My mother-in-law laughed about the short stemmed flowers, so we both got a kick out of this one. I’d love to plant something this year, I’m just not sure what or where..maybe just have indoor plants this year.

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