Rethinking Pockets

I started the Pocket Challenge with certain types of pockets in mind. I even started going around the house and taking “before” pics of several candidates for makeover. But I began to think a bit outside the box. After all, pockets come in a lot of sizes. Just on clothing, you can find tiny coin pockets and jumbo cargo pockets.

Then, last Tuesday, on Home Sanctuary, Rachel Anne challenged us to do something with cotton swabs. So I sat with slightly damp cotton swabs and cleaned every nook and cranny of my laptop keyboard, which was in pretty desperate need. And then it hit me, this could be a pocket.

I set to work and cleaned the screen and the outside too. When I was finished with that I went to work on cleaning my computer’s desktop, which was littered with files and documents. Lastly, to add beauty, I changed my desktop picture to a lovely photo I took of a snow-covered wooded area and creek.

Why shouldn’t something I use every day be beautiful and orderly as well? Hmm. My purse is looking pretty sad right now. I see another mini-pocket coming on.

3 comments on “Rethinking Pockets

  1. Oh no! Once you start looking, you’ll find pockets everywhere! (tee hee hee) The good thing is that every time you go to those pockets, you’ll be happy you cleaned them 🙂

    Excuse me now – I’m going to wander around my house, holding some cotton swabs …

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. What a neat journey such a simple task took you on 🙂

  3. I am with you, you start seeing pockets EVERYWHERE! My kids are even in on the action now! THANK YOU for this idea and for sharing it with us!

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