Multitudes on Monday #2

If you haven’t read Ann Voscamp’s amazing book, 1000 Gifts, I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s good for the soul!

16. the baby dancing around in the floor

17. the rest of the kids and I laughing until we can’t breathe at the baby dancing around in the floor

18. near misses (We came within 10 feet or so of being hit by a drunk driver this week. I came home shaken, but thanking God for His protection.)

19. knowing that as chaotic as things appear, Someone is in charge

20. Jarvis the cat, laying on my feet and purring

21. my silly cat, who will seek out a spot where a paper or book has been left as his favorite spot to sleep

22.. a child just learning to sing (My youngest is warbling the Elmo song, one of her favorites. I had to tell the children to agree on a song and teach her one at a time. Three different kids were teaching her three different songs. When they brought her to be to show her off, she combined the songs together into one.)

23. laughing at the baby singing (see #22)

24. cool weather in May (no AC!)

25. learning to simplify my wardrobe so it doesn’t take an act of God to get me dressed and out the door

26. finding a bargain (I bought my daughter a new Sag Harbor dress with tags saying $42, for only $5)

27. a phone call from a friend

28. the duck who is keeping us entertained by making a nest in a hollowed out limb of the tree in our front yard

29. all the ducks who come visit from the pond down the street

30. watching the royal wedding and being thankful my own life isn’t under a microscope like that

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