Introducing The Kinder, Gentler Challenge


There are an abundance of monthly or yearly challenges out there for improving your home, your health, or your life in general. Some of them are pretty hard-core. Some are even a little scary. What I’m proposing is a new kind of challenge; The Kinder, Gentler Challenge. The idea is to help you get things done, but in a more peaceful way that doesn’t completely disrupt your whole life. It’s going to be here every month and here’s how you can join in.

  1. Think of 5 things you want to do in the next month. These can be specific projects or habits you want to work on or changes you want to make. But try to have a variety, and don’t make all of them monstrous projects that would each take a month to do. That’s not kind or gentle. Think of things that will make life more peaceful for you, more fulfilling, or just run more smoothly.
  2. Write them down somewhere. This can be a sticky note, an index card, a document on your computer, or a note on your phone. You can even post your list here. Whatever works for you!
  3. Leave a comment and let me know you’re going the challenge this month.
  4. When the first of the month rolls around, start working on your list.
  5. Come back at the end of the month (or anything you like during the month) and check in. And don’t forget to sign up for the next month’s challenge!

That’s it. Simple, right? I like to mix and match with a household project, a healthy habit I want to work on, a book or books I plan to read or finish, and then whatever else is on my radar that month. This month, my plan looks like this:

  1. Household: I want to create a rotating menu for the autumn months for everyday meals. We have several birthdays and holidays coming up, but those tend to take care of themselves. I really need something for every day. I want to have a menu and shopping list made by the end of the month.
  2. Health: I plan to drink a quart of green tea each day. It’s hot right now, so I’ll be drinking this cold. I put 4 teabags in a quart jar with a bag of some strong-flavored herb tea, like mint or Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Zinger, fill the jar with water, put on the lid, and place it in the refrigerator overnight. It brews beautifully with no bitterness.
  3. Books: I currently have 2 books checked out on my Kindle as well as a couple of writing books I would like to read this coming month.
  4. Education: I’m taking an online class that I need to finish during the month. Now that the homeschooling is up and running again, I can get back to work on my own education.
  5. Writing: One of my daughters has challenged me to finish one of my novels in the month of September, at least to first draft stage. Challenge accepted!

That’s my list. What are you going to commit to this month?

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