Friday 5: Breakfast

Just for fun, I’m joining in the Friday 5 this week. Check out other participants at

1. Oh my goodness! You have to run out the door right now and you haven’t eaten! Before dashing out, what do you grab to wolf down on your way?

I grab a piece of fruit, generally an apple or banana.

2. What’s a popular breakfast you dislike?

Coffee and Danish are wasted on me. I don’t like coffee and I can think of lots of things I’d rather eat than a Danish. They always taste too sweet and too dry to me.

3. You’re going out for breakfast anywhere you want, and someone else is treating! Where do you go and what do you order?

I don’t know where it would be, but my order would be multi-grain waffles with fried apples and whipped cream with turkey bacon on the side. It would be accompanied by some hot spiced cranberry juice or hot fruit tea with lemon and honey.

4. What do you have when you need a simple, healthy (or healthy-ish, for those of you who just don’t do healthy!) breakfast?

The quick, healthy breakfast would definitely be fruit and oatmeal.

5. You’ve been invited to a breakfast potluck. What are you most likely to bring?

I would probably take a green chile quiche or maybe a large batch of biscuits

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