Finally, Some Pocket Pictures

Okay, I finally got some pictures uploaded to show the pockets I’ve been working on. There are many areas I have to work on because my house had had so much added to it in the course of the last year. When my mom passed away last year, I inherited a lot of stuff that I am still trying to sort through.

My first project is a good example. This is the library table that’s been passed down in my family. It was brought into the house and promptly stacked with other stuff being brought in.

Yes, there’s actually a table under there!
 Oh, look. There it is!

 It’s a well-known fact that in any busy household, any flat surface, left unattended, will immediately pile up. This is apparently not limited to height either. Hence Exhibits A and B.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Now they are emptier, but a little boring. I’m still looking around for things to go with the greenery.

New and improved Exhibit A
New and improved Exhibit B

Coming soon, pictures of my two mini-projects I’ve done.

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  1. Great job Mom!!!! It looks awesome. šŸ™‚

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