7 Quick Takes Friday


Wow. What a week. Crazy stuff has been happening around here. I thought summer was supposed to be a more laid-back season. Uh, yeah. Not so I’ve noticed. We have been going non-stop with no end in sight.


Bookaddict has graduated high school. Four down, six to go. She’s planning to take a year off to pursue her writing. She’s one of the most disciplined people I know when it comes to her writing. Almost every day, she’s up before anyone else, working on it. My novel would be finished by now if I was that disciplined. Hmm. Something else to work on.


Bookaddict and Guitarzan are serving as interns at our church’s summer camp. They are leaving Sunday and will essentially be gone until the end of July. We’ve been running hither and thither to make sure they have everything they need to that time. It’s a wonderful program that provides leadership training and the opportunity to utilize what they’ve learned.


I have so many things I want to accomplish this summer. I have major house shoveling out, er, I mean, decluttering,  projects to do.The first one on the schedule is redoing the front room to make it a highly functional office/workspace. I have boxes to go through, bookshelves to assemble, craft and sewing stuff to organize, schoolbooks to shelve and supplies to organize. Oh, and I also have several boxes of papers to sort and file or shred. Ugh. It’s going to be glorious when it’s finished, but right now it just looks like a lot of hard work.


I have piles of reading to do. I already had a lot with the various reading challenges I entered and then I got into book reviewing. Now I have books arriving in the mail that are starting to pile up. I definitely need to carve out some time this summer to get some reading done. Perhaps I should declare the hottest part of the afternoon to be rest and reading time.


Spitfire is still here visiting and we are having adventures. We’ve done some fun shopping and she’s been a tremendous help with getting the interns ready to go.  She’s also keeping me well supplied with makeup, skincare and cologne. She sells Avon and is constantly running across something for Bookaddict and I to try. She’s helping with the War on Frumpiness. Now, if I can just remember to use all of it.

The other day we had car trouble and it took us almost two hours to get home (normally a twenty minute trip). At one point we were stranded on an overpass with big trucks zooming around us. Not fun. Fortunately, after the car sat a bit, we were able to get off the overpass and out on a less-traveled road.


Speaking of the War on Frumpiness, it’s been a slow painful battle with many casualties. Some of these include my collection of baggy t-shirts and some lazy habits. Both keep trying to resurrect and creep back in. Old habits die hard. Let’s face it, the reason it’s such a battle, is it’s easier to throw on some mom jeans or sweats and a baggy shirt, run a comb or brush through your hair and stick it in a ponytail and go along your merry way. Skincare and makeup and fixing hair take time and effort. Looking for cute , stylish tops that fit in your budget takes time and effort.  When those things become habit, it’s gets easier. The time has been carved out and you just do it. It doesn’t take any more time to put on a cute top than to pull on a baggy T.

A small victory was scored yesterday when I found two tops, in the exact colors I needed for choir performances next week, hanging on a clearance rack. They are both a flattering style and a nice, inexpensive addition to my wardrobe. This is great timing. We have a major skirmish coming up next week, when our church is doing a week-long conference flanked by weekend church days and I have to look put together every day for nine days straight. Help! Send reinforcements!


I hope you have had a wonderful week. A special shout-out goes all the Home Sanctuary Coffee Girls stopping by. For more of 7 Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary. Have an awesome week!

4 comments on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Dressing right is hard! Sometimes it’s definitely easier to throw on a tank top & shorts, or just stay in pj’s for that matter.

  2. I just read SpitFire’s blog before coming here — how fun that she is your daughter! Y’all will be a great team to attack the War!

  3. I find that dressing nicely makes me more energized. If I stay in my pj’s all day I don’t do anything, except maybe reading a lot, but if I dress up a little and maybe put on some makeup, I am more likely to get stuff done at home.
    That is just how I work I guess.
    Good luck on the reading part. I just got into reading again after being so busy with the baby for so long. Now that she is almost a year old it is getting easier to find time to read again.
    Good luck on your novel too, maybe with help and inspiration from you fellow writer child you will be able to finish it this year.

  4. Wow, You are making me tired. Too much to do! I agree about dressing. Sometimes it is just easier to throw on what my hubby calls the uniform. It takes time and money to look “put together” and often I just don’t have those things! Way to go on your clearance find…that is great!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your visit!

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