Yikes! More Reading Challenges!

Just when I thought I was all done with reading challenges, I found some more. One of the ones I enjoyed last year started up again, and my daughter decided to host two herself.

14. 2013 Why Buy The Cow Reading Challenge (Jan 1 through Dec 31 2013)
   Free downloadable ebooks
       Coupon Clipper: 12 books

15. Clocks, Cogs and Mechanisms Reading Challenge 2013 (Jan 1 through Dec 31 2013)
   Steampunk novels
      Brass Gears: 1-3 books

16. What Would Jane Do? Reading Challenge (Jan 1 through Dec 31 2013)
   Books written by Jane Austin, derivative works and movies
      Jane’s Wisdom: 3-5 books and 3-5 movies

I’m not going to say that’s all, because as sure as I do, someone will post a fabulous challenge I can’t resist! I will just say, that’s all for now. πŸ˜€

3 comments on “Yikes! More Reading Challenges!

  1. Just wanted to let you know, I’m not the one hosting the Why Buy the Cow challenge. I joined it, but I’m not the host (I noticed your link goes back to my blog). The one hosting it is http://paranormalbookreviews-kelly.blogspot.com/2012/11/2013-why-buy-cow-reading-challenge.html

  2. Sorry Yvonne! I thought I had fixed that. It’s fixed now.

  3. I know! Every year I say…I’m only going to take on a few…but then it just doesn’t happen. So since my willpower isn’t any better this year, hopefully my ability to keep up with challenges is. πŸ˜€

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