Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Ways to Feel Like A Child Again

Something about the warm sunshine and fresh breezes of spring brings out the child in us all. Here are some ways to give into it!

1. Splash in a puddle
If you’re still having warm spring rains, why not make the most of them? A suitable alternative would be wading in a creek. 🙂

2. Squish your toes in the mud
Once the rain is over, there will be mud everywhere. Kick off your shoes and have at it.

3. Eat an ice pop
Yeah, it’s just sugar and water and some artificial flavor and color on a stick, but it’s magical.

4. Squirt someone with a water gun
I’m not talking about one of those fancy drench-you-with-one-pump. I’m talking about one of those little cheapie plastic ones like you had when you where a kid.

5. Pick some wildflowers
Why wait for your kids to bring you a short-stemmed bouquet? Make one of your own.

6. Whistle a happy tune or a perfectly aimless one
As Lauren Bacall said in To Have and Have Not, “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and… blow.” Give it a go!

7. Catch a ladybug and let it go again
They are fascinating to watch, but let them fly away again to do their job of eating your garden nasties.

8. Catch some fireflies
Popular with kids way before the members of Owl City were conceived, fireflies are lots of fun. Grab a canning jar and go after them. Tell your adult mind that you’re getting an aerobic workout while chasing them. 🙂

9. Watch the squirrels play chase and jump from tree to tree
Try not to think about how the pesky things try to get into your attic, and enjoy their antics with fresh eyes.

10. Befriend a bird or two
Whether you stake out the hummingbird feeder, the bird bath or go looking for birds’ nests in the trees, have a little fun with your feathered friends. Marvel at the colors and grace.

5 comments on “Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Ways to Feel Like A Child Again

  1. LOVE your list! I’m ready to go play in the rain and the mud!

  2. Delicious! I want to do it all!

  3. So much fun… I love to let loose and skip!

  4. Catching fireflies was a favorite of mine when I was younger. I hope my son enjoys it too:)

  5. Great list! My favorites are squishing my toes in the mud and catching fireflies. YAY!! lol

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