Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Terrific Things About Summer

1. School’s Out!
In the past we’ve done school pretty much year-round, but the last few years we had to stop because I have kids going to camp at different times and one or two interning for the summer. Now I have a two month break to plan and dream and purchase curriculum.

2. Lemonade
Not that nasty powdered stuff or even the artificially sweetened, artificially colored stuff in a bottle. I’m talking the real-deal, perfect combination of tart and sweet that quenches thirst like nothing else.

3. Popsicles
Be a kid again. Eat them fast to prevent drips. Cherry, lime, grape, orange, banana…What’s your favorite?

4. Long Days
Hopefully, the longer period of sunshine is being used for fun, but even work is nicer when the sun is shining.

5. Eating outdoors
Summer is the time of picnics and cookouts. What is it about eating in the great outdoors? I don’t know, but it’s special enough that my kids will ask if they can take a peanut butter sandwich and go sit out on the porch to eat it. And almost nothing tops the smell of food cooking on a grill.

6. Fireworks on the 4th of July
Whether a huge commercial display or occasional flashes of light appearing over rooftops, I love fireworks. I never really cared for shooting them off myself though. The ultimate for me is fireworks combined with music displayed over water like in Austin and Boston.

7.Playing in the water
Beaches, lakes, pools, sprinklers…take your pick. Whether you’re surfing, swimming, sailing, tubing, wading in a creek, or running through a sprinkler, a great way to escape the heat of summer is to get wet.

8. Summer nights
Fireflies and stargazing. “Nough said.

9. Ice cream
You can pick up a carton or cone just about anywhere and cool off in a hurry. Anyone else remember homemade ice cream on the porch with a little kid sitting on the freezer while everyone took turns cranking until only the strongest men could turn it? That’s still the best.

10. Vacation
Whether you’re going on vacation to some exotic locale or major sightseeing spot, or doing a staycation and exploring your local area, this is a time for fun and hopefully relaxation. The number one vacation mistake is scheduling so much in that you need a rest when you get back.

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6 comments on “Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Terrific Things About Summer

  1. Hooray for Summer! And I too LOVE the 4th of July…plus this year, my little daughter will turn ONE year old on the 4th of July! Celebrating that won’t be hard! 🙂

  2. 8 and 9 are the best! Enjoy your summer! ☺
    Thanks for visiting my top ten post and I hope your girls have fun with paper dolls!

  3. My favorite flavor is cherry or orange. 🙂 And lemonade sounds really good right now!!!

  4. Love your list! Fireflies and vacations are definitely my favorite things about summer. Now if I can just get the weather to cooperate!

  5. Number one is my very favorite thing about summer! Now, I think I just need to find time to sit around and do some planning. (I still need to buy our math curriculum, now that we’re changing what we’re using.)

  6. Ice Cream! Definitely a favorite summer thing…esp in Florida.

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