Top Ten Tuesday: Sweetpea Lingo

Some days you need an interpreter around here. Sweetpea is becoming quite the talker, but she doesn’t always exactly get the words right. The words babies come up with are half the fun of them learning to talk.

1. nuggle
When she gets cold, she will walk up and demand to nuggle.

2. hic hocs
After weeks of swiping anyone and everyone’s flip-flops and wearing them around the house, she was thrilled when she got her very own pair of hic-hocs.

3. biper
When she’s wet or dirty, she needs her biper changed.

4. sour and baf
This is how you get clean. You either take a sour or a baf.

5. naky
This is what you are when you get out of the sour or baf and haven’t gotten dressed yet.

6. bell but
Your bell but is that little indentation that’s in the middle of your belly.

7. itar
The itar is what Guitarzan plays.

8. toos
When Sweetpea smiles, she scrunches up her eyes and shows off her toos.

9. tatop
This is the device this post was created on.

10. sone
Someone answer the sone before it stops ringing.

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