The First Monday of the Year

Okay, so it’s a Monday and you know how Mondays are. However, as Mondays go, this one was pretty good. It’s been a productive day. The daily readings were done early. The writing was accomplished. There was definite progress on the house. The den is cleaner and I even got in some work on my workroom (not a lot, but there is some forward movement). The kids’ rooms are looking better and we’ve weeded out an entire garbage bag full of clothes to go to Goodwill. I did a bit of reading on the Art of Home book and I’ve read another chapter in the journaling book. I also went through some of the stuff that came from my mom’s kitchen and found pots and pans and seasonings and a few kitchen tools for Spitfire’s new house. How cool is it to declutter your house by helping other people provide for theirs? Love that!

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