Some Bloggers You Need to Meet

I’m getting to know so many bloggers because they are also participating in the 31DBBB. We are having a wonderful time, meeting new bloggers and supporting each other on this journey. Here are a few blogs I want to extend some link love to. Please check them out.


Anna: “From the longest list post in the history of list posts 10 things We Wish Someone Had Told Us When We Started Graduate School to the post from yesterday The Basics: Graduate Seminars which offers some advice for surviving and thriving in college and graduate level seminars and tutorials, Anna Blanch often writes about her journey through Graduate School and her life as an ex-pat – she is an Australian living in the St Andrews, Scotland who spent some time living in the heart of Texas! But more than this, Anna, a self described scholar-blogger, explores the relationships between literature and popular culture, religion, theology, and faith. She also writes about Children’s literature and seeks to serve parents who are considering what it means to raise discerning readers!”

My take: Anna’s blog is loaded with great information. I really enjoyed her Parent’s Guide to Children’s Literature and her lists of theology blogs. This is a scholarly blog, the kind I seek out when I want to think deeper thoughts than “What’s for dinner?”.

•Kreate by KeKe•

Kendra: “Kreate by KeKe: a scrapbooking blog by a beginner, for beginners. I promise this blog will only be about scrapbooking (with an occasional tangential rambling about life here and there). I promise I will try techniques and teach them to you to the best of my ability. I promise I will show you how to make a scrapbook that is YOU and friendly on your budget. I promise to have links to the most fabulous scrapbooking blogs, resources, and supply sites. Do’s & Don’ts: Etiquette for Beginner Scrapbookers is a funny post on the do’s and don’ts for beginner scrapbookers.”

My take: Kendra’s blog is loaded with great information about scrapbooking. I love that she has stuff for beginners and info about getting kids involved. A small head’s up for parents: I haven’t read everything on the blog so I can’t comment on how much there is, but I did run into profanity on one of the pages for beginners.

 •Strong Personality•

Jenny: “Here’s a little bit about my blog , called Strong Personality. I’m a Seattle parent on the brink of a career change. Strong Personality is my place to share tips & tools that make my busy life easier
Caregiver Brochure
Caregiver Brochure

My take: Jenny has wonderful tips on keeping kids quiet during a plane trip and Quality Time on a Budget. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

  •All My Loose Threads•

Jamie: Jamie blogs at All My Loose Ends where she tackles marriage, motherhood and creativity all tied up in one. She wrote the post Saying Yes in February as a reminder about the importance of saying yes.

My take: I’m reading my way through her posts on House Cleaning for Slobs. Check out the great recipes too.

•On Step Journeys•

Spitfire of Spitfire’s World  says: “I am the daughter of 2, sister of 9, wife of 1, and mother of 2 beautiful girls. I separated from the Air Force the day before I got married, and am currently studying medical transcriptions, as well as learning this awesome world of blogging!

 If life is a highway, we all know what the necessary stops are, where the speed bumps are, and where the rest stops are. We can look at our life and find the flat tires, the miles with nothing in sight, and maybe even when the car just stopped working. I want to remind you of the joys of life; the parks, the rainbows off in the distance, the funny town names etc. Anything that makes the ride more smooth, the views more pleasant, and keeps the kids (and you) from asking “are we there yet?”
Seeing Like a Man

My take: I’m probably a bit biased but I love this blogger. She’s my eldest daughter and I think she’s awesome. She has a unique perspective and a snarky sense of humor. Be sure to visit her other blogs as well. You can find the links for those on the Spitfire’s World page.

I hope you enjoy these blogs and the posts featured here. You never know where you might find an amazing blog that helps you in some way or an amazing blogger that becomes a friend.

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