National Wear Red Day

It’s time to put on your red dress or red dress pin. National Wear Red Day is an observance near and dear to my heart (no pun intended!). My mother passed away in 2009 of a sudden heart attack. She had no history of diagnosed heart disease and had no idea that the symptoms she was having were those of a heart attack.

You see, we all know the “chest pain” sign and the “pain down the arm” sign, but those are usually seen in men, not women. Women tend to feel nauseous, feel like they have heartburn or generally feel unwell. Like my mom, they think laying down for a while will make them feel better. Unfortunately, most never get back up. Heart disease, including heart attack, is the No.1 killer of women. 1 in 3 women die of cardiovascular disease. This gets far less attention than, say, breast cancer, which claims the life of 1 in 30.

Please don’t be a statistic. Go to Go Red for Women and learn how you can improve and protect your health and your heart. Be sure to look around the site and the parent site as well. It’s National Heart Month all month long. Do something good for your heart!

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