National Sewing Month

Two sewing machines on a sewing table.

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September is National Sewing Month, a joint venture between the Sewing and Craft Alliance and the American Sewing Guild. For the celebration, there is a wonderful website full of information, projects and details of the annual contest. The theme this year is “Accessorize Your Life”.

Sewing makes a wonderful creative outlet as well as allowing you to make things, often less expensively than you can buy them. Can’t find a jacket the color you want or drapes the right shade? Maybe your body doesn’t fit well into standard sizes. Have you ever tried to find a fitted dress for someone who is two different sizes top and bottom? Everything you make can be as customized as your heart desires.

Sewing is on the rise, especially among the younger generations. It doesn’t surprise me. As our society grows increasingly techno-centric and detached, people are looking for something hands-on and real, rather than virtual. And I can tell you from personal experience that the great feeling you get from being complimented on a stunning outfit, pales in comparison to the feeling you get when that compliment comes and you can say “Thanks, I made it myself.”

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