More Pockets

Here are a few pockets I finally got around to photographing and uploading:

This is an antique washstand and washbowl and pitcher that are currently next to the bed on my side. At least four generations of babies in my family have been bathed in that washbowl. The washstand was my great-grandmother’s.You can tell this isn’t a magazine picture because there is actually an alarm clock and phone on there. LOL The picture of the lilacs was painted by Princess. Isn’t she talented? The porcelain box in front was a gift from Horsecrazy.
This is my chest of drawers. The hatboxes and gold book were gifts from Spitfire. The gold book has the Ten Commandments in both Korean and English. The candles and picture I’ve had sitting around the house waiting to be used. I know you’re wondering, so I’ll tell you. There’s currently nothing in the hatboxes. I think I’ve figured out what I want to put in one of them and maybe in another. I want to use them for things I want close by, but don’t necessarily have to be accessed every day.

This is my computer that I blogged about before. Notice the nice clean desktop and keyboard.  I just looked and it’s not that clean now, but it’s close. I think I’m going to make that a regular monthly task.

This needs to be tackled every week. It’s amazing how fast receipts and mint wrappers and things accumulate. I already need to reorganize this because I’ve added an eyeglasses case to the mix and now the purse is full again. Maybe I need a bigger bag.

The Pocket Challenge ends tomorrow. I need to take and upload a few more pictures as I wind down the challenge. If you’ve been playing along, be sure to get your pics put on your blog and leave me a comment so everyone can come take a peek.

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