Has The “New” Worn Off Of Your Year?

Ah, the new year! Ripe with promise. Flush with hope. Groaning under the burden of all those wild-eyed expectations. We put so much pressure on January 1st, as if it’s something magical, as if on that date you would suddenly have an urge to save instead of spend, fast instead of feast, exercise instead of watch TV, read classics instead of pulp fiction, and be nice to all those tacky people that usually annoy you. And so I have to ask…

Has the “new” worn off of your year yet? Are you still working toward those resolutions and goals or have you reverted to the way it was last year? If you’ve fallen off the resolution wagon , don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of failure and mediocrity. It just means that the turn of the calendar wasn’t quite enough to carry you through .

I have more good news. Just as you looked at the new year as a clean slate and afresh launchpad, you can find others. How about the beginning of the month , or week, or how about tomorrow morning? The fact is, the decisions you made that caused you to be unsuccessful in your attempts probably didn’t even happen on January 1st. They happened the 3rd when you didn’t feel like exercising or the 6th when you overindulged at a party or maybe the 11th when you found that bargain you couldn’t resist and blew the money you were going to save. Or maybe on the 17th, when you decided you had messed up so many times that you should just give up altogether.

This year whenever I blow it, I plan to dust myself off and just begin again… and again… and again if necessary. Because I can. Because I’m worth the effort. Because my goals are good goals that will enhance and enrich my life. Because, as Scarlett O’Hara so eloquently stated, “Tomorrow is another day.” Will you join me? I hope so. because you’re worth the effort too, you know.

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