Getting Started on The Pocket Challenge

I’ve been going around my house looking at potential pockets. I have taken pics of some likely candidates, yet I know it will be just like when I’m cleaning. When I started really cleaning and scrubbing, it seems as soon as I get one area clean, another area I hadn’t even noticed suddenly catches my attention. Even if it isn’t as bad as the first area, when the first area is suddenly sparkling, it’s like shining a spotlight on the secondary area.

While I have found several areas that need a good dose of beauty and order, I know others will arise when those are completed. Therefore I am committing to at least 20 pockets. That works out to about 3 per week, which seems doable even with my crazy schedule. I don’t have that many selected yet, but I’m sure the rest will appear as I go along.

Have you found any potential pocket areas yet? Don’t forget to take pictures of them. Even if you don’t feel comfortable posting the “before” pictures, you will want a record of your progress to look back on. Are you setting a specific goal or just taking it as it comes? I really recommend setting a goal so you have something to work towards and keep you on track. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself a little to keep it interesting. Most of all, have fun with it.

One comment on “Getting Started on The Pocket Challenge

  1. I’m right behind you. I’m ignoring a sinus infection that’s attempting to set in. So today I used to plan what I need to get done…I did post it in my blog though. 🙂 2 days in a row posting…woot! lol, how sad is that?

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