Finding Sanctuary

Welcome to any and all Company Girls that happen to make their way here. This is my first time in the coffee lineup. On Home Sanctuary , Rachel was talking about the three legs that make up sanctuary. I’ve been thinking a lot about this as well. Today, I thought it was interesting that she was focused on Beauty, as my dh and I were just discussing this last night. I’m learning that for whatever your decorating style is, there is a plethora of blogs and websites devoted to accomplishing that look on a shoestring. If you don’t know what your style is, there are blogs and websites for that too. Pop the name of your particular bent, whether it be country or eclectic or modern and the word budget together into Google and see what you find. Yesterday I found instructions for faking fancy draperies and duplicating high end decorator table or mantle decorations using dollar store materials, inexpensive stuff from Wal-Mart and stuff from around the house. I’m also looking around to see what I have that could be used in a new way or just in a new room. I don’t want to wait until the entire house is perfectly clean and organized. I need a pocket or two of beauty now. I think, in the long run, I will be more motivated to clean and organize if I can see some hope. What are you doing to brighten up your corner of the world?

3 comments on “Finding Sanctuary

  1. Welcome to the Company Girls! We are so glad you are here!

    The kids and I just finished our Minimum maintenance (plus a little extra go at their rooms)! I love what you are saying about the pocket of beauty…the little light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. Oh I think you are so right about needing little pockets of beauty. I find myself doing the same thing – we moved recently, and I am still in the process of unpacking and setting up. I have a couple of spots, though, that I find I ‘need’ to keep looking lovely, or else I feel overwhelmed and as though I’m making no progress. I’m new to the Company Girls too – this has been fun!

  3. I just joined the company girls as well. The beauty part of sanctuary is hard for me in some ways. (It doesn’t really come naturally.) But you’re right, there are tons of things available online. I have been able to get so many ideas.

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