Day One…So Far, So Good

I started my reading program today. I did all the daily readings and even got the writing exercise completed. I had a lovely lunch out with my husband and ran a few errands while we were out. It’s been a nice, relaxing day which I really needed. I’ve weighed and measured to track progress (and, no, I won’t be posting all those numbers on the blog just yet). I’m starting with small changes that I hope will add up to big ones. Time will tell. Today at lunch I divided my meal in two and ate one portion. The other portion came home with me for lunch tomorrow. When I finished eating, I realized I had eaten plenty of food and didn’t really even want any more. Tonight I’ve probably eaten too much while grazing snack food during the football game. Oh well.

One comment on “Day One…So Far, So Good

  1. Wow..that’s very good! I usually bring home half my meal from a restaurant but unfortunately it doesn’t make it past my teenage son so that I can have it the next day! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see you’re from Texas!…my hubby and I love Texas!

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