Coming To Terms With The Season

I have managed to keep all the balls in the air so far. The reading and writing are on track. I’m paying more attention to my eating and drinking and I think I’m feeling better even though I haven’t seen a dramatic move of the scale yet. Areas of the house are looking downright tidy and the Christmas decorations are packed away. This is the time of year when I always have to find something to turn my hand to or I get in the mullygrubs. Christmas is such a vibrant happy time and when the decorations all get taken down and packed away the house always looks a little blah to me. This year I’m looking around the finding little decorative items or supplies that I can turn into something that looks like winter, but not Christmas. I’ve been helped along by unusually cold weather for this area and been able to take pictures of things I’ve never seen before like ponds freezing over. I’m now decking my halls with polar fleece throws and the smell of soup cooking. I may even bake bread in the next couple of days. Who knows?

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