Book Review: Mind Your Own Mortgage by Robert Benarbe

I received the book Mind Your Own Mortgage by Robert Benarbe from Booksneeze some time back for review. I began reading it, expecting the same old semi-fluff I’ve read in countless articles, but I was surprised. This book had so much great information in it. I learned things about mortgages that I’ve never seen or heard before and those things you probably won’t hear from your mortgage company or banker.

I would recommend that anyone who currently has a mortgage, and more importantly, anyone considering buying a house and getting a mortgage, should get this book to learn what to do or not to do in choosing and managing their mortgage. The author covers not only facts about how mortgages work, but also how to intelligently shop for a mortgage (and why you should) and how to pay it off as quickly as possible.

One caveat: This is not light, easy reading. The book is very well written and highly understandable, it’s just not a fluffy subject. But it is a very worthwhile read and a great book to have on your shelf as a reference.

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