Anyone Up For A Challenge?

This is a crazy time for us right now. The school year is winding down and summer is on the way. I have three kids getting ready for summer camp and another two getting ready for summer internships. Throw in a birthday or two and it’s a bit crazy.

Adding to the level of chaos, is the house. My normally too-small, too-crowded house is filled to the brim right now, since I started cleaning out my mom’s storerooms. I have hauled home more than I’ve had time to process, so stuff is stacked in every spare space. By “spare space”, I mean down the front hall, in the corners of the den, large amounts of the library, a piece of my bedroom and most of my front porch.

I can’t deal with the chaos anymore, and I have fourteen(!) books to review next month, so it’s time to do something radical. I’m planning a two-week purge. I’m talking extreme decluttering. This is what I’m planning to accomplish:

•front porch completely cleaned off
•front hall completely cleared out
•all boxes and containers removed from hall
•access to library restored and space cleared to move around
•I have some food items that need to be put in canisters and put away
•clean out and remove dead freezer
•lay out some simple menus for next month when I’m going to be reading like crazy
•work on the kitchen, which is looking a bit ragged at the moment.
•get my clothes weeded out and everything I’m keeping put away.

Whew! That’s a lot for two weeks, isn’t it? Prayers and well wishes are certainly welcome.

Since misery loves company, if any of you have stuff you need or want to accomplish in the next two weeks, whether a little or a lot, feel free to join in. Leave a comment and let me know what you’re planning to do before summer gets into full swing.

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